JAPO, your second family

An environment where trucking is a joy. A place for your driving ambitions with regular rewards. A chance to wake up every day to your childhood dream.

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  • Regular salary

    • Holiday allowance
    • Birthday benefit
    • Allowance of 30 000 CZK for a new driver
    • Possibility of an interest-free loan of up to 20 000 CZK
    • Allowance to liability insurance
    • Possibility of a loan before salary up to 5 000 CZK
  • You’ll get something extra

    • Reimbursement of psych tests
    • Professional training for free
    • Possibility of other trainings – ADR
    • Reward for manual reloading
    • Reward for 5 turns in a month
    • Reward for driving style
    • Reward for initial training of a new driver
  • We won’t turn our back on you

    • Loyalty regular wage increases
    • Modern vehicle fleet
    • Possibility of renting a company car
    • JAPO day for drivers and their families
    • Christmas party for drivers with Christmas presents
    • Work clothes beyond the scope of mandatory equipment
    • One free legal consultation up to one hour at AK Piknová

Driver’s licence is enough

What do we want from you? Actually almost nothing.
It’s enough to have a driver’s licence. We’ll fine-tune the rest together.

Be part of the team!

At JAPO, we know that it is you, the driver, who carries all that weight behind you. That's why you can always count on us to provide a stable home for you and your family.

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Write or call us. We’ll discuss your possibilities.


About us

  • Roman Prokeš
    Roman Prokeš

    „I have been a part of the JAPO team for more than ten years. Isn’t this a good advertisement for the company? Who would be staying in a company which they don’t like? “

  • Jaroslav Maďar
    Jaroslav Maďar

    „I’ve always been able to rely on everything at JAPO. For drivers, there are great facilities in the headquarters, where I can grab something to eat, have a shower, have a rest and recharge for the next drive.“

  • Radek Cibulka
    Radek Cibulka

    "I have been driving for JAPO for 17 years. I started with a beautiful, dark red Avia and had great experiences :-) Many things have changed since – now I drive this darling. It would be weird to say I’m dissatisfied...I wouldn’t work here for so long :-) I’m also happy about the cooperation with controllers. Simply...keep the good work."


Daylight saving time change. Drivers, be careful! An hour less can harm you...
Construction of a new hall has started. It will be finished at the end of the...
Another batch of new DAF XG+ models
Washing made even more efficient. Meet the pressure washer for lorries.

Join us

Write or call us. We’ll discuss your possibilities.


Who is JAPO

We have our own extensive premises in Popůvky near Brno, as well as a branch in Prague and one in Italy. It is from Italy that we bring most of the products that you can find in Czech stores every week. Here you will find comfortable and safe facilities for lorry drivers as well as other employees.



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